Sid Bhattacharjee

Co-founder and chief strategist

Sid is the Co-founder and chief strategist at Sapphire Capitals.

Sid Bhattacharjee is a first generation trader, trading for about fifteen years. He started his trading career trading CFD (Contract For Difference), a highly leveraged derivative product and writing metaquote codes for MT4 platform for trading Forex. He subsequently traded futures, continues to trade equity and index Options for managing his private and superannuation funds. His interest in trading includes algorithmic trading such as statistical arbitrage and also developing new strategies for stock, Options and CFD trading.

In his professional life, Sid is a technocrat and manager and had worked for government and large public sector organisations in various research, engineering and management positions for about thirty years. Sid has been a part-time lecturer in engineering colleges and has also delivered guest lecture in UNSW, Sydney.

In his private life, Sid continues to pursue his passion for technology and enjoys building various electronic projects; he is also an avid audio and video enthusiast. Sid is an amateur radio operator holding advanced license from Australia, licensed since his college days. He also has interest in sports, music, art and culture. Sid is currently based in Sydney, Australia with his family consisting of his wife and two children.

Sid has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Gauhati University in India and a MBA in corporate finance from MGSM, Sydney.