Trading Proficiency Training Program Level - 1

Key Features Of The Program


Comprehensive: Covering key markets


Flexible: Watch anywhere and anytime


Self-paced: Learn at your convenience


Practical: Hands-on trading with solid theory


Relevant: Most popular markets


Support: Life-long via email and live sessions

Trading Proficiency Training Program Level - 1

A training program that is designed to set you up for life – learn and pass it on to your generations

Trading in financial markets and being able to manage your own money is a wonderful skill and can provide a very rewarding and satisfying experience. With the right training, tools and of course discipline, it is entirely possible to learn the skill and step into the fascinating world of financial markets. 

With combined experience of over 25 years in financial markets, we have put together a comprehensive training program that is designed to provide a clear blueprint for budding and experienced traders alike. The training covers basic building blocks of trading stocks, derivatives such as CFD and Options and implementing practical strategies for a strong foundation in financial markets.


Chapter Highlights - Trading Proficiency Training Program Level - 1


  • Financial markets: stocks or shares, derivatives, a quick primer
  • Important Concepts: Terminologies, P&L charts, Reward/Risk ratio etc.
  • Trading Stocks and ETFs
  • Trading Stock CFDs
  • Trading Equity and Index Options, theory and practice
  • Practical trading strategies: Stocks and CFDs
  • Advanced options concepts (Optional): Greeks, delta neutral trading
  • Basic Options trading for bearish, bullish and neutral market conditions
  • Trading Options – Outside USA
  • Practical options trading strategies - Part 1 (Stock replacement)
  • Practical options trading strategies - Part 2 (Superannuation fund special)
  • Practical options trading strategies - Part 3 (Smart credit spreads)




Training Program For Strong Foundation


Truly one of its kind training program covering the most comprehensive material for learning stress-free, life-style trading of Stock/ETF, CFD and Options using technical analysis and historical patterns. While theory is important to build the foundation and has been included, the practical aspects of the trading have been highlighted with examples so that a budding trader knows how an actual trade looks like.






Kick-Start Your Learning With Trading Proficiency Training Program


New traders often dive into trading in financial markets without being fully aware of the fundamental principles of trading which are reward/risk ratio and probability of success so as to create a positive expectation. Accordingly, emphasis has been laid on:

  • Understanding the key concepts such as correct trading terminologies, profit & loss charts, reward/risk ratio, risk management and economic & earning calendar;
  • Foundational basics of stock and derivative trading including CFD and Options, how leverage can be used to best advantage without being exposed to higher risks;
  • How to use probability in trading, develop plans to ensure success and how to look for high probability opportunities using charts and other historical patterns;
  • Practical trading strategies based on risk apetite including ones used by institutional investors and high net worth individuals such as buying stock at named price!






Faster Progression From Beginners’ To Advanced Level 


The Trading Proficiency training program has been designed for faster learning and includes a staged progression from beginners’ level to advanced level such as trading derivatives such as CFDs and Stock Options. Trading Stock Options is perceived by many as risky but once you know how to manage your risks, it provides a very flexible and versatile way to trade. 


In addition, the training program covers basic strategies for trading multi-leg Options for various market conditions and building practical trade from based on advanced concepts. As an example, we cover building an Iron Condor trade from basics in several steps.







Risk Management - Key To Success In Trading In Financial Markets


Financial markets are fascinating world with plenty of opportunities and equally very significant risk. Our training program has been designed and structured in such a way that every trader learns the tricks and trade of financial markets while being fully aware of the risks and how to manage risk.  After all, preservation of the trading capital is the first and foremost for any trader and then slowly build profit in a disciplined manner.




Unmatched Support Services Included In The Program


Our Trading Proficiency training program is well supported for the new traders as well as for experienced traders. Users can reach out to the instructors via email for any query on any aspect of the program. In addition, there are weekly digital classrooms which can be attended to for live sessions for any queries on the training program.