Stock/ETF Research

Get started in the fascinating world of Financial Markets

All of us need some hand-holding on occasions, particularly when you are going to start a new journey. Our Stock and ETF research service is uniquely designed to provide you detailed insight from the applications that we offer and also from technical analysis of a targeted Stocks and ETFs from the country of interest.

Our Stock ETF research report is intended for swing trading opportunities; trades that usually last for between a week and three months. These are immediately actionable trading opportunities delivered via variety of medium such as instant messaging and weekly email direct to your inbox. Please download a sample copy of our Stock/ETF research report from this page.

Stock/ETF Research Service - Key Features

  • Comprehensive outlook of the opportunities for Stock and ETF of the countries
  • Covers opportunities through detailed technical analysis and trading applications
  • All trading applications covered including Seasonality, Volume spike and Price action
  • Report inclusive of top actionable opportunities with charts for ease of understanding
  • Delivery via instant messaging for immediately available trading opportunities
  • Weekly email report delivery summarising weekly opportunities and much more

Opportunities from our Trading Applications

Our trading applications are one of its kind as those are intended for traders to use a systematic approach in their trading decisions and use science, mathematics and statistics in defining the probability of a trade. These applications are, in short, intended to bring an objective approach to making trading decisions.

For the traders who do not have the time to use our trading applications and want trading opportunities to be handed over to them on a platter, then our Stock/ETF research service is the answer. Our research report contains all the available opportunities from the three trading applications, which are: Seasonality, Price action and Volume spike trading. Please visit the information pages of these trading applications for more details.

Opportunities from Technical Analysis

A new trader often finds it very hard to decide how to analyse a technical chart of a Stock or ETF and make sense of what it means. It could be very intimidating as there are thousands of Stocks and ETF and which one to look for and how.

Apart from the results from our trading applications, our Stock ETF research report provides targeted swing trading opportunities for underlying that are set up for a big move based on thorough technical analysis. Our research report contains only the top Stocks of the Index of the top ETFs by market capitalisation in the country.

Critical Information Summary

We at Sapphire Capitals are of the view that traders need to be self-sufficient and they should have all the tools at their disposal to be able to make their own trading decisions. While our Stock ETF research services is a great way to get started in the financial markets without having to spend much of the time in learning the technical analysis or on how to use our trading applications, it would be our endeavour to help traders to quickly learn to use both of these.

Please also visit our Trading proficiency training program Level 1 page for more information on how you could master the skills in a short period of time. The Level 1 program has been designed ground up for budding traders to start from the basics and get to a level where you feel confident to make your own trading decisions, further aided by our trading applications. The training program is supported by life-long access to the contents, email support service and once a week live session as long as required.