General queries related to everything else other than the trading applications

Can I share my login and password with others?

The access to these applications is given to the account owner who signed up in Sapphire portal, please see our Terms of service. As such, sharing of the login credential with anyone else constitutes a breach of the service. We monitor the number of logins by each user. We reserve the right to ban any user from our site if we feel, for any reason, that login credentials are being shared with others who do not have the legal right to access this information.

Please send an email to with the desired changes. Please note that there is one registered email address for each user account, which can't be changed as this email address is used for login.

We practice and preach data security, particularly the private and confidential information of our customers. Please refer to Terms of Service for details about our policies and procedures on data security and compliance to various global data protection requirements.

If you are on a monthly subscription, you will need to complete the month of the subscription. In that case, you will not need to transfer, the other person can start another new monthly subscription. If you are on a annual subscription and would like to transfer, please send an email to with the request providing the name and details of the person to whom the subscription is being transferred. The new user will also need to start a new subscription replicating your current subscription. On receipt of your email, we will adjust the remaining months of the subscription to the person to who the subscription is being transferred.

For accessing the pricing for various services, it is required that the user create an account. Creating an account is easy, just head off to the URL: and provide the basic details and you are ready. Then please visit the subscription page at: to check all available services for subscription either as one-off or monthly or annual.

Our services are available on monthly or annual subscription. If you are on Monthly subscription, suggest you cancel your subscription when you want to suspend the service and subscribe again when you are ready. For annual subscription, please contact for suspension of services.

The minimum subscription term is one month for the monthly services and one year for yearly services. This means that when a subscription is terminated, the service will continue to be available till the end of the calendar month or calendar year for which the customer has paid subscription. Please note that the access to support services will also continue during the full term of the subscription, either monthly or annually. The training services, when available, do not have any subscription term, those are once-off subscription. All associated support services will continue to be available life-long.

The payment method is credit card and PayPal. The customer may use any credit card, issued anywhere in the world, which is capable of being used for international payments. PayPal may not be available in some countries. The payment is via secured check out which is protected by several levels of encryption for the protection of our customers and SPA.


Queries related to Sapphire's training services, topics covered, delivery, available support and so on.

The simple answer is, it depends. If you are an experienced trader and have been trading Stock and Index Options in US market for a while, then you might skip Level - 1 and go to Level - 2. But if you are new to trading, it is highly recommended that you completely understand all the concepts and strategies in Level - 1 of the training program before you pursue Level - 2 training program.

The support services we provide for Trading Proficiency Training program are unique and unmatched. Alongside the material (currently only PDF downloadable contents only, Video will be added later at no additional cost to early purchasers) which you will have access to lifelong, you have 24 X 7 email support to answer any query you might have on any aspect of the program. In addition, there is a weekly live online session where you may ask questions and have those answered by one of our instructors.

The video of the training program will be available shortly and will be provided to the early purchasers at no additional cost. In the meantime, please go through the PDF downloadable documents to start your learning experience. The contents in the videos are exactly same, except that videos provide you the flexibility to listen and watch instead of reading but content-wise you will not be missing anything.

As a member of the training program, you will have access to the appropriate community page of the Trading proficiency training program. In that page, we will post recorded videos of live trading, from time to time. Please do watch those videos to familiarize yourself with the trading in real financial markets. However, best is to do it yourself as experience is a good teacher while we hold your hand.


Queries related to the four trading applications available from Sapphire, their operations, support and use etc.

Profit factor is calculated as total profit divided by the total loss from the number of trades for the period for which the application was run. This is an indication of how profitable the trades were. Any number above 2 is great but with these applications you would find the profit factor is way higher, simply because the applications historically found trades with high confidence. This applies for Seasonality, Volume spike and Price-action trading applications.

For the three applications for swing trading, the available markets consist of more than 20,000 Stocks, ETF and Indices from more than 20 countries in four continents. For the day trading seasonality application, the current market is made up of top 50 to 100 stocks from Australia, India, UK and America.

These applications are not intended to be predictive but to provide you the historical performance based on patterns either based on seasonality or volume spike or price action. If historically certain pattern has occurred then, there is a high level of confidence that the same pattern will occur in future. As an example, if certain event has occurred 9 times out of last 10 occasions, then there is a 90% probability that the event will happen again in future. As a trader, probability is the key to successful trading.

There are hardly any guarantees in life except death and taxes, as they say! On a serious note, no one in this world can provide any guarantee on any aspect of the financial markets, simply because it is speculative and there are factors beyond anyone’s reasonable control that can affect the market move. So, a very reasonable way to trade is to find some form of repeatable patterns in the market that could used as a basis for all trading decisions, and hence the emphasis on probability. All our trading applications are intended to provide a probability of success based on historical performance. These applications use algorithms to extract price movement patterns over a period of users’ choosing and provide the success rate of those past patterns in form of confidence. This confidence is the probability of recurrence of the same pricing pattern in future for similar event, be it at certain week of the year or after a particular price action or after a volume spike.

While in the platform, please hover your mouse over RCW and TRS to know what it stands for. RCW stands for Recent Consecutive Wins. RCW provides a better indication of how successful has the trade been in most recent years or recent events. Generally, higher the RCW, better chance it is to win the next opportunity. TRS on the other hand stands for Trend Strength. TRS is calculated as a slope of the y=mx+c line that is drawn by connecting the maximum move ups (in case of buy opportunities) and maximum move downs (in case of sell opportunities) multiplied by 100. This gives an indication of the trend of the maximum moves to gauge what move to expect in the next opportunity. Ideally, TRS should be positive for buy and negative for sell opportunities.

The four weeks shown in the seasonality application starts with the next week, from the week the application is run. As an example, if this week is week number 39, then the application will show the results in summary report starting with Week 40 for four weeks. The week numbers are as per the International Standard ISO 8601, where Monday is the first day of the week followed by Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and with Sunday as the seventh and final day. Some countries do not follow this week numbering and for those countries the week starts from Sunday, such as United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. We adopted ISO for standardising the week numbers for our Seasonality application. So when you run the application on any day, the summary report will always start with the next week so you can take advantage of the next available trading opportunity on Monday as the markets open.

Thanks for asking! The algorithms behind these applications have been developed after years of research and testing in live market environment. After the algorithms were developed, we deployed the best available computing technology to implement these algorithms. Those include advanced data mining applications and cloud computing so that users can have access to these applications in any computer and do not have to install any software in their computer. This is intended for robustness and also ability to update the application software when additional features are added and superior technology become available. We love trading, developing strategies and building technology solutions, so we will work very hard to bring the best strategies employing the best technology available to our customers.

Yes, there is a limit of 50 reports per application per month for each user. This means, you could run up to a maximum of 50 runs of the Summary report and the following detailed report in any given calendar month. The number of reports run by the Customer will be displayed in the user dashboard of the Sapphire Capitals account so as to help track the usage. With five reports remaining in the calendar month, it will provide alerts so that an appropriate action could be taken by the Customer. On or before the exhaustion of the 50 reports, Customer will have the option to buy more reports for that month. The 50 reports in a calendar month is equivalent of more than two runs of the report per trading day. That is more than enough for traders to make their trading decisions. Also this limit ensures that the system runs at its optimum level without causing delays in generation of the requested reports. Currently the limit or management of the limit has not been implemented.


The scope of service, contents, delivery etc.

Research service reports are delivered weekly to the subscribers’ email every weekend. In addition, any opportunities popping up at any time during the week is delivered via instant messaging such as Whatsapp.

The research report is based on technical aspects of the Stock and ETF and not fundamentals. On the technical aspects of the Stock or ETF, the research report tries to examine the price action through technical analysis and using the trading applications developed by Sapphire Capitals. So, in short, the research report contains Stocks and ETFs which meet the standalone technical analysis criteria and also the ones which are reported by the three software applications such as Seasonality, Price action and Volume spike.

A sample report can be downloaded from the Stock Research page of the website; the URL for the page is as follows:

The users of the service can reach out to support via email to: which are responded to within 24 hours. In addition, there are periodic online sessions which the user can access by registering in the event page at: